December 9, 2016
A journey through my lens..

Travelling is an experience by itself, for all the opportunities to discover not only a new culture, but also your inner self! I was blessed to visit Nepal recently, and to say the truth I was surprised with what I have seen and witnessed. Behind these pool little houses there is a greatness in its […]

October 4, 2015
London Design Festival – What I get to see!

“Can’t you just view what is presented in this festival online?” My father asked me while he was driving me to the airport to catch the flight to London to attend the festival. I paused for a minute thinking, may be he is right. Do I really need to pay a very expensive ticket for […]

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Here We are.. Time to meet!

Nothing much to say.. I just wanted to say Hi! I am glad you are visiting my humble blog. I will be writing in both Arabic and English, in different range of creative topics, and sometimes beyond that.
Try to have a look and visit my main website to have a look at my work at

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