A journey through my lens..

Travelling is an experience by itself, for all the opportunities to discover not only a new culture, but also your inner self! I was blessed to visit Nepal recently, and to say the truth I was surprised with what I have seen and witnessed. Behind these pool little houses there is a greatness in its people and nature beyond expression! First of all, I fall in love with its mountains and it made me wonder if any of who lived in this area have worshiped those mountains which are standing with a great pride! While you can find a different story in the people faces, who are filled with life and hope despite the hard situation they are living!

The nature in Nepal can be described by one word only: Paradise! Everything you would witness, from mirrored surface of its lakes, to the infinite layers of its mountains, are considered a breath taking scene, and a photo opportunity that can’t be missed. I hope I have taken this chance wise, and improved my photography ability though the below samples, which I wish you will find it amusing.

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