September 12, 2015
Why I am not learning Arabic Calligraphy the traditional way

I have always been passionate at about Arabic Calligraphy. Just by looking at the magnificent masterpieces that any artist have done, makes me think that I am standing before a mighty creation. During my early school years, me as part of the whole education system, learned the basic Arabic calligraphy that does not extend Naskh and […]

February 7, 2015

This was by far one of the most exciting projects during the last couple of years. Yet, the project was never easy to begin with when the client approached us with the idea in mind. The task was to create and develop the key visual for the world’s largest beauty trade show, Beautyworld, for its […]

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Here We are.. Time to meet!

Nothing much to say.. I just wanted to say Hi! I am glad you are visiting my humble blog. I will be writing in both Arabic and English, in different range of creative topics, and sometimes beyond that.
Try to have a look and visit my main website to have a look at my work at

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